About Godega Market

Who We Are !

Godega is an exceptional hub of convenience and comfort, inspired by the classic bodegas that you often find in larger cities. We are your one-stop-shop for all your essential products and services, coupled with a cozy coffee shop, strategically located in the very heart of downtown Omaha, Nebraska.

Whether you’re up for an early start or need to wrap up projects late into the night, our team at Godega is committed to ensuring that your daily needs are fully covered right from sunrise down to sunset. 

With a wide array of products and services available, including freshly brewed coffee, snacks, groceries, and toiletries, among others, Godega makes it easy for you to achieve your daily goals while keeping you fully charged and energized. Come in, sit down, and let’s make convenience feel like home.

What We Sell !

  • grab & go food
  • fresh coffee
  • craft beer
  • wine
  • liquor
  • ice-cream
  • sweets
  • soft drinks
  • cold brew coffee
  • pastries
  • cakes
  • personal care
  • household essentials

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What People Are Saying.

We’re here from you, from sun up to sun down!